Calming music for everyone

Avslapping Naturljud music album cover

Avslappning: Naturljud för midfulness, yogakurser, andningsövningar, spa massage och välbefinnande is our newest album which is intented for people who need to find ways to relax. Our proposition is to find a calm place, makes yourself comfortable and turn on this album. It consist of 7 calming tracks.
They last more than 8 minutes each.
You will find there peaceful, full of happiness sounds. Don’t think too long and download this album from online shops!

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Zen Musik 2017 – super relaxing music collection

Zen musik 2017 music album coverAvslappning Musik Akademi has a news for you! The new calming music album for meditation and relaxation is now released!

In the Zen Buddhism meditation is the most important practice which has a strong impact on the state of our consciousness. During sitting in a lotus position, when you let your mind leave all unnecessary thoughts, you start to remove successively all illusions from the reality. However we need to remember that the more regular is your practice, the better effects of it. Sometimes living in the rush makes it difficult to find a few minutes for just sitting, but when you start to do this everyday you will see how fast your mindfulness will be increased.

This new collection is created specially for those who practice meditation or those who would like to start. Check out if it helps you to keep your mind away from disturbing thoughts!

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Tibetansk Instrumentalmusik

'Buddhiska Munkarna' album cover Avslappning Musik Akademi wants to show you the album about Buddhism and its values. If you are looking for peace, tranquility, harmony, or happiness, then you can stop searching. This collection of tracks includes many different benefits. For example, its music features healing properties. It is also good for stimulating your brain and boosting energy levels because it helps to find the source of the human inner strength for coping with everyday problems. Thanks to this music, you can achieve deep relaxation (not only during the day – you will sleep all night long).

Discover what is Buddhism all about!

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Balance Inner Energy & Practice Yoga

'Djup Meditation Sensationer' album cover Avslappning Musik Akademi introduces the album, which focuses on teaching. It shows various breathing techniques, allowing listeners to acquire inner peace, harmony & balance. The collection of different New Age melodies contains Zen sounds that aim to improve mental abilities – thanks to this music you can remember a lot more! If you combine it with exercising, for example, yoga or tai chi, you won’t even notice how fast you progress. Natural hypnosis (available on the album) will also heal you.

Why wait when you can start meditating today!

You can listen to this album on iTunes and Spotify:


Yoga Meditation with Music

'Yoga Meditation' album coverThis time Avslappning Musik Akademi presents the album, which includes great sounds for exercising. It is designed particularly for yoga and meditation, but it can also be used for morning running sessions or during a training in a gym because it contains a set of tracks that are suitable for various occasions. This music allows to establish the inner balance between mind & body – it means you can achieve many more tasks than without music or without doing yoga.

Stop wasting time – start meditating with music!

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Healing Sounds of a Forest

Healing sound of a forest album coverDo you know the healing properties of forests? This album holds a key to unravelling the solution. Nature sounds tend to have a blissful, therapeutical effect on people; their positive vibes create a relaxing & inspiring environment. They also help to find the perfect balance between inner calm and power. A visit in the forest can be alleviating because it can function as a spiritual oasis of tranquility, which improves your health & well-being.

Try to go for a healthy walk in the forest with music. You won’t regret this decision.

This album is available on iTunes and Spotify:

Musik for Lovely Pets

Music for pets - album coverThis album is dedicated to those, which love us unconditionally: cats, dogs, or even different pets (for instance parrots). This music helps to calm down and easily fall asleep, but it can also be a therapy. Tranquil sounds on this compilation are able to ease pain & create a safe environment at home. You will see how it changes their behavior. But don’t be surprised – it really makes wonders!

Don’t postpone it – your favorite pets will be grateful that you care about them so much.

If you want to try, the album is available on iTunes and Spotify: