Music for our pets

Zen musik 2017 music album coverDid you know that scientists have been exploring the impact of music on animals behavior for some time? Experiments with dogs have proven that this kind of animals prefers classic music – the dogs were less barking and calmer. In other cases, they were more nervous. Not just a music, but a type has a huge influence.

The album Lugn för ditt husdjur – Avkopplingsbehandling för hund, katt och andra djur, New age musik för bättre och djupare sömn is composed in a way to make a positive contribution to our pet’s body and mind. That music is also used for behavioral therapy of animals.

Surely some of 30 songs from this album will come to your dog, cat, and other pet!

You can listen to this album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify:

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Musik for Lovely Pets

Music for pets - album coverThis album is dedicated to those, which love us unconditionally: cats, dogs, or even different pets (for instance parrots). This music helps to calm down and easily fall asleep, but it can also be a therapy. Tranquil sounds on this compilation are able to ease pain & create a safe environment at home. You will see how it changes their behavior. But don’t be surprised – it really makes wonders!

Don’t postpone it – your favorite pets will be grateful that you care about them so much.

If you want to try, the album is available on iTunes and Spotify: