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Lugnande Ljud For Barn vol 2

Avslappning Musik Akademi presents new album Lugnande Ljud för Barn vol.2 – Månsken drömmar, vaggvisor för baby sömn, lugnande musik för ångest och gråt. It is dedicated to parents, who need help to fall asleep them. This album contains calming sounds which can introduce your baby to deep sleep.

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Sweet dreams & restful sleep for babies

'Natur ro vaggvisa' album coverAvslappning Musik Akademi dedicated the next album to babies (and their parents), who struggle to rest even for a few hours. This music will definitely help to fall asleep. Your children will love the peaceful melodies, which create the best hypnotic mood for slowly closing your eyes. The harmony of sounds makes wonders for the whole family.

What are you waiting for? Check this awesome album and say what do you think about it.

It is available on iTunes and Spotify:


Lugnande ljud för barn

lugnande_ljudforbarnThe next album of  Avslappning Musik Akademi is a little surprise. This is a compilation of songs composed for babies. It seems to be the perfect gift for everyone who has a child. Peace and tranquillity have never been so easy to get – try music lullabies from this album and see how deep and sweet is your baby’s sleep.