Musik for Lovely Pets

Music for pets - album coverThis album is dedicated to those, which love us unconditionally: cats, dogs, or even different pets (for instance parrots). This music helps to calm down and easily fall asleep, but it can also be a therapy. Tranquil sounds on this compilation are able to ease pain & create a safe environment at home. You will see how it changes their behavior. But don’t be surprised – it really makes wonders!

Don’t postpone it – your favorite pets will be grateful that you care about them so much.

If you want to try, the album is available on iTunes and Spotify:


Prenatal Yoga Musik

Prenatal Yoga album coverAvslappning Musik Akademi has created another album, which is designed especially for pregnant woman. This compilation of instrumental sounds offers peace & harmony – factors that are important & needed for child’s healthy development. It significantly reduces the level of stress, by increasing the amount of positive thinking and its frequency.

It is also helpful for keeping the balance between hormones in human body.

But you do not have to feel forced to check it. It is entirely up to you.

If you want to try, the album is available on iTunes and Spotify:


Indian flöjtmusik

Indian flöjtmusik album coverThe next album of Avslappning Musik Akademi is available online. It includes SPA & Wellness sounds, which activate the Chakra healing process, help to do Yoga exercises more productively & efficiently, get rid of the accumulated stress, and massage our bodies using nature sounds.

Can you take a break for a moment in order to listen to Indian instrumental music?

Sure you can, you just need to slow down, sit down & take a deep breath.

Check it out on iTunes and Spotify: