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Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet. It’s a way of entering into the quiet that’s already there – buried under the 50,000 thoughts the average person thinks every day. – Deepak Chopra





Walking on water


Three monks decided to practice meditation together. they sat by the side of a lake and closed their eyes in concentration. Then suddenly, the first one stood up and said, “I forgot my mat.” He steeped miraculously onto the water in front of him and walked across the lake to their hut on the other side.

When he returned, the second monk stood up and said, “I forgot to put my other underwear to dry.” He too walked calmly across the water and returned the same way. The third monk watched the first two carefully in what he decided must be the test of his own abilities. “Is your learning so superior to mine? I too can match any feat you two can perform,” he declared loudly and rushed to the water’s edge to walk across it. He promptly fell into the deep water.

Undeterred, the wet monk climbed out of the water and tried again, only to sink into the water. Yet again he climbed out and yet again he tried, each time sinking into the water. This went on for some time as the other two monks watched.

After a while, the second monk turned to the first and said, “Do you think we should tell him where the stones are?”



Calming music for everyone

Avslapping Naturljud music album cover

Avslappning: Naturljud för midfulness, yogakurser, andningsövningar, spa massage och välbefinnande is our newest album which is intented for people who need to find ways to relax. Our proposition is to find a calm place, makes yourself comfortable and turn on this album. It consist of 7 calming tracks.
They last more than 8 minutes each.
You will find there peaceful, full of happiness sounds. Don’t think too long and download this album from online shops!

iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify:


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Music for Kids

Lugnande Ljud For Barn vol 2

Avslappning Musik Akademi presents new album Lugnande Ljud för Barn vol.2 – Månsken drömmar, vaggvisor för baby sömn, lugnande musik för ångest och gråt. It is dedicated to parents, who need help to fall asleep them. This album contains calming sounds which can introduce your baby to deep sleep.

You can listen to this album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify:


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Some humour!



If your brain and your heart swapped places…what would happen?

When someone suggests a new idea: Great idea, let me feel about it…
When you’re in maths class: What’s 2 + 2?  Easy, it’s love man.
When you’re not using your head: Don’t be so thinky! Use your heart for goodness sake!
When meditating: Let’s practice some heartfulness meditation
When on London Underground: Heart the gap
When playing games: I’m gonna try some heart training games to keep me loving in older age
When a student isn’t focusing in class: ‘Jonny, can you open your heart more, please?


New Rehegoo Music single to listen!

We like it 🙂

Restaurant Background Music Academy

Offline music album cover

Release Date: November 6, 2017
Label: Rehegoo Music Group
Copyright: © Rehegoo Music Edition
Total Length: 2:56:00
Number of Tracks: single
Genres: Pop-dance

How is your week? For us it’s getting more and more interesting because we’ve just discovered the new single of Rehegoo Music!

The song is catchy and the vocal makes us feel like dancing 🙂

Listen to the track on Spotify and share your opinion: do you like it?

It’s available to buy on music stores:

Amazon direct link iTunes direct link     spotify icon

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